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Forgiveness Capital is experimenting to bring harmony to the world through economic invention. We are re-thinking capital, remedy processes, remedy economics, voluntary governance, relationships, how to remedy the ill-effects of the cartel-like institutions which have decimated people and domains such as: health care, education, law, housing, charity, banking, infrastructure and more.

Some of the special project holdings are:

  • Restricted Vitamin A project – There is an epidemic of liver toxicity worldwide due to the misguided use of vitamin A.
  • Joe Baker’s Remedy Report – The flagship social media effort of Forgiveness Capital. Advancing economic remedy for the masses along with health solutions which bring huge remedy for little cost. Airs Monday – Friday at 1pm Central time (US).
  • JOSEPH WILLIAM BAKER® Well, I did it! I registered my name with the US Patent and Trademark office. And I think you should do the same with the government in your part of the world.
  • A show about digestive health.
  • Antimoney.NET A plan for the mass issuance of forgiveness money to the entire population of the planet earth. 240 Quintrillion Dollars worth of Antimoney – 10 Billion for each person on the planet Earth.
  • Digital Communications Research An Information Technology Consultancy firm since 1999 specializing in supporting companies deploy, maintain and use open source software.
  • RemedyCoin The central focal point of the forgiveness for value contract concept.
  • Forgiveness Public License (FPL) Terms and conditions applied to usage of the value of remedy assets. Creates a sort of knighthood kinship where holders protect the honor of each other.
  • A CC to provides a record of your email communications – useful for process of service.
  • Deed Controversey Research Records of title conflicts where unjust banking practices were involved in mortgage foreclosures.
  • Joe Bitcoin Org Video Blog now re-branded as “The Remedy Report“.
  • World Hall of Records – A place to store important records
  • Health / – Healing technologies by Joe Baker. Remote energy therapy work gifted through forgiveness contracts – thus establishing a new currency “Remedy.Health”.
  • Telepathic Networks – Seeking to establishing electronic two way communications through parallel universes – beyond censorship.
  • Ozonoid Systems Addressing Alleged pandemics by advancing the knowledge and manufacture of machines which will oxidize airborne infectious diseases in a way that’s therapeutic to the human lungs.
  • Ozone@Home A Proposed franchise of ozone practitioners who can provide ozone therapy and consulting at homes of those who desire it.

These are projects of our founder, Joseph William Baker


  • North American Historical Law Society Trust – Providing research into the history of Law and finance.
  • – Unanimous societal and corporate coordination models. The work of the late Robert Podolsky

Useful Sites

  • A service that proves you sent email notices
  • PROOFOFEXISTENCE.COM A site for proving the existence of a file on the Bitcoin Blockchain