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Email Server Solutions
PGP Email Encryption
Bitcoin & Crytpto Currency Consulting
VoIP phone systems
Linux and Open Source Software Deployment
Samba File Servers
Document Management Systems
Terminal Server Solutions
LTSP Linux Terminal Server Project
Whistleblowers: Physical and IT Security
WINE – “Wine” Is Not an Emulator – for running Windows programs on Linux
Linux Desktop Support & Training
Security Training
Penetration Testing
Proxmox VE (Virtual Environment)

If I don’t know it, I can learn it to teach it!


“Hello, I’m Joe Baker and I’ve been consulting on related IT technologies Since 1999 – See my page on the WayBack machine to prove it!”

Presently the page is being re-purposed for my project “Deed Controversey Research” to assist those who’ve suffered foreclosure actions.

Address for correspondence only:
1930 Village Center Cir #3-4444
Las Vegas, Nevada 89134

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